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attorney practice

·       criminal defense lawyer

The lawyer’s services related to criminal cases allow to professionally protect citizens from unreasonable accusations, illegal conviction, restriction of their rights and freedoms. Frequent cases include situations, in which suspects are deemed to be accused before transferring cases to courts and individual attempts at the situation solution do not lead to positive results. The lawyer with a vast work experience will consider in details all evidence submitted, will engage witnesses in the case, will perform any actions established by the legislation, which are necessary for the Client’s success.


The lawyer’s services related to the solution of family issues have an expressed peculiarities, as each family case is unique. It is necessary to settle critical aspects of the conflict that will help to minimize expenses of both the parties. Taking into account the fact that conflicts in family cases are based on discrepancies concerning the division of the property, the lawyer shall do its best to solve them through negotiations. Of course, if you fail to find the option of any similar decision, it is necessary to prepare procedural documents for submission to the court.

·       inheritance attorney

The issues related to inheritance relations are determined by the third part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The subject of inheritance can be movable and immovable property, the ownership rights to which are transferred to the persons after the owners died, the defined items include houses and apartments, pieces of art and household items, financial resources in monetary terms, securities, rights to publish materials and so on.

·       protection of honour and dignity

The issues related to protection of honour, dignity and business reputation are connected with mass media, moreover, according to the applicable legislation, the responsibility occurs if all necessary conditions are complied with: data were distributed in any manner, disgraced the citizen or organization, as well as do not correspond to the real circumstances. The civil legislation provides for an opportunity to protect honour, dignity and business reputation, in the form of a demand to invalidate damaging data; patents, copyright practices, non-disclosure of a commercial secret as well as all other legal means are used for protection of information.

·       Intellectual property and copyright

In accordance with the civil legislation of the Russian Federation, intellectual property is a right of an individual or legal entity to its intellectual deliverables, unique technologies, and methods, as well as to possess copyrights, patents, trademarks, names etc. Intangible values are considered as intellectual property items of all human activities areas.

·       Lawyer solving housing issues

Every citizen faces various types of issues and disputes, related to a dwelling, whether its acquisition or sale, registration of ownership rights to real estate, withdrawal of property from another’s illegal possession, the necessity of the division of real estate, multi-unit apartment building management, social rent of residential premises etc. Timely application to the qualified lawyer will help not only to avoid similar situations, as well as to protect and remediate the infringed right in accordance with the procedure established by law as soon as possible.

·       Personal lawyer

In our society, there is a popular opinion that application to the lawyer shall be made after the problem occurs, however, qualified advice can prevent extreme legal situations. The direct aim of the family lawyer is to ensure the legal security of the client and its family members. Such an approach makes the lawyer promptly see into all problem aspects. The personal lawyer shall represent and protect interests of its client not only in those cases when there is such a direct need. One of the main tasks is to prevent adventurous actions.

·       lawyer solving Labour disputes

Labour disputes are caused by discrepancies between employees and employers and the labour legislation has its specific peculiarities. Taking into account short procedural limitation periods, the lawyer’s activities related to labour disputes shall be carried out as promptly as possible. The lawyers solving labour disputes can protect both employers’ rights and employees’ rights, the interests of which can be restricted during dismissal or admission to a new place of work.

·       Bankruptcy of individuals

The lawyer shall provide legal assistance on a professional basis with regard to this type of services both for borrowers and creditors: it will help you to correctly make up all procedural documents, required by the court, it will provide full legal support at all stages of bankruptcy.


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