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Ilia Anzorovich

Ilia Anzorovich

All issues can often be solved through negotiations, but if you fail to do it, it will be reasonable to apply to a lawyer.

Being a private lawyer, I have an experience in successful solution of hundreds of cases.

  • Disputes related to real estate;
  • Family disputes;
  • Protection during inspections;
  • Protection of business reputation;
  • Protection during a criminal prosecution.
Fundamentals of a lawyer’s activity 

Is always aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation with owners of small and medium-sized

business with middle-class representatives;


multispectral analysis of the problem encountered, a collection of information with the help of the lawyer’s agents and partners, involvement of specialists

comprehensive provision of legal assistance, with regard to the client’s interests and desires in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation

reasonable fees for all types of legal assistance and application of the least expensive means for the achievement of the goals set

responsibility and discipline at work

Lines of activities


Settlement of corporate disputes is a difficult area of legal practice, thus, you can expect a positive result only in one case – if you apply to an experienced lawyer. The reason for this is that relations between the conflicting parties are often more dramatic due to conflicts of interests, differences in good business practices, as well as due to a lot of other peculiarities. Thus, if there is any dispute it is recommended to apply to an experienced lawyer, for example, Ilia Gatikoiev.


Corporate disputes lawyer Ilia Anzorovich has knowledge of the corporate legislation and legal doctrine, which enabled him to successfully settle decades of corporate disputes. Years of work at structures, the worked-out strategy of protection of the Clients allow the lawyer to achieve all established goals irrespective of the case complexity.

what services are provided within corporate disputes

  • legal examination of corporate documents;
  • claim settlement, negotiations;
  • preparation of claims, responses to claims;
  • court representation;
  • court appeals against illegitimate court rulings etc.

Ilia Gatikoiev is able to settle any type of corporate disputes: with the participation of shareholders, raiders, with discrepancies, arising between the partners. He proceeds cases, related to emission, establishment, reorganization or liquidation of organizations. You can entrust the lawyer to proceed any case of any complexity and be sure of achieving the goal set.

If you have any other questions or if you need a consultation, please, directly contact us by phones mentioned in contact details.


We provide legal support during registration and maintenance of companies in offshores, tax-free and low-tax jurisdictions. We provide consultations concerning issues related to opening accounts at foreign banks.

When an offshore is opened it is necessary to act in strict conformity with the legal requirements. We conduct researches, detect the most efficient solution approaches in each certain case, for registration of companies in countries, proposing favourable tax terms and reporting systems. Based on the client’s business tasks, we select the offshore or European organization, complying with the corresponding requirements; in addition, we will control all stages of its registration and opening of the bank account.

We also offer our clients legal services, related to the receipt of specialized financial licenses both within offshore jurisdictions and in European countries. We will assist you in solving all concerned issues within the lawyer activity carried out.


Bankruptcy is a difficult and quite long procedure, which is implemented both during pre-trial proceedings and at trial. It includes a lot of sub processes every of which shall be implemented under the protection of a lawyer or a defense lawyer that is better.

You should not forget that bankruptcy proceedings are often accompanied by the criminal proceedings, thus, if bankruptcy is to occur, legal services of an experienced lawyer is an urgent need.

effective assistance of lawyer ilia anzorovich

The lawyer provides services related to the corporate bankruptcy of small and medium business. If you are a borrower, there will be the following area of activities:

  • prevention of the legal entity from bankruptcy;
  • filing applications to appropriate authorities;
  • support of the procedure at all stages;
  • assurance of property valuation and its implementation under the favourable terms and conditions;
  • protection from illegitimate actions of creditors.


If you are a creditor, the lawyer will help you to:

  • make up applications for bankruptcy with regard to the borrower and apply to appropriate authorities;
  • support the procedure at all stages;
  • ensure the property to be evaluated and sold under the terms and conditions which are favourable for you;
  • protect from actions of the borrower’s representative;
  • challenge illegality of transactions with the borrower’s property;
  • initiate a criminal case in connection with any theft, fraud, fraudulent or deliverate bankruptcy etc.

Great work experience in the bankruptcy segment as well as theoretical knowledge, which is regularly supplemented, allow Ilia Anzorovich to find opportunities for comprehensive protection of the Clients and for the defense of their interests. Do you need reliable and qualified protection? Call us by phones, mentioned in contact details on the web-site.


In Russia, proprietary rights to real estate are aggravated due to historical reasons. A great deal of transactions was conducted during the transition, as of the date of the legislation formation, and errors of that time still arise during inspections. There are also modern reasons, causing disputes related to real estate – the market is full of defrauders, incompetent lawyers, and realtors.

To make yourself safe from risks, you should apply only to qualified lawyers or defense lawyers, well-grounded in peculiarities of transactions with real estate and having excellent knowledge of the legislation. Gatikoiev Ilia Anzorovich is one of them.

your innocence still needs to be proven!

An absolute innocence is not a guarantee of success. A solution of disputes related to real estate without the involvement of a lawyer is virtually doomed to failure, as only a specialist can find ways to deal with difficult situations.

The most often reasons for an application to Ilia Anzorovich are as follows:

  • receipt of documents of title;
  • disputes related to agreements of sale and purchase, donation, change or annuity;
  • privatization of residential premises, transfer residential premises into non-residential ones;
  • real estate disputes, arising out of inheritance;
  • declaration of the proprietary rights to real estate units;
  • disputes related to declaration of transactions as invalid etc.

Having a great work experience, Ilia Gatikoiev is able to resolve the situation both during pre-trial proceedings and at trial.

full protection of any client and its interests

Providing services, a lawyer develops a defense line for the Client, represents its interests at all authorities. In addition, it gathers documents and facts, which will help at trial to confirm the proprietary rights of the Client to certain real estate.

If you face problems of division or demonstration of your right to real estate, contact us. The lawyer will protect your interests in any legal manner!


Family disputes are one of the specific niches of the legal institute. Within it conflicting parties often abuse of their rights, intending to harm or cause mental suffering. In addition, interpersonal feelings are added, and the dispute is often infused with civil and housing rights of every family member. It is only an experienced lawyer who can gain insight into the peripetia of family relations and help people to find an amicable decision and dissolve them according to the legal requirements and desires of every party.

professional solution of family disputes

Gatikoiev Ilia Anzorovich is an experienced lawyer solving family disputes, who works as a private lawyer. Within the “family disputes” area services are provided at the following directions:

  • consultations (oral, written);
  • execution of documents, protection of the client’s interests at trial;
  • assistance in marriage dissolution at trial simultaneously with the division of property according to the marriage agreement or legal provisions;
  • solution of disputes related to child support obligations;
  • determination of invalidity of marital relations;
  • deprivation or partially restriction of parental rights, with the determination of the procedure for communication with the child and so on.


full compliance with legal provisions is guaranteed

The lawyer is referred to the Civil Code and Family Code of the Russian Federation – legislative enactments, regulating legal relations within one family, but it tries to find an individual approach to every participant of the family dispute.

Within the service, Ilia Anzorovich guarantees full confidentiality of data which are submitted not for public disclosure or representation in court as arguments or evidence.

With regard to any issues related to assistance in family disputes, please, contact us as specified in contact details or directly come to the lawyer’s office.


An impeccable business reputation is a recipe for success of any business of various scope, ranging from small and medium one and large corporations. I am sure you would agree that everyone wishes to see a reliable organization among its partners. But there are also a lot of ill-wishers, distributing discrediting information that leads to a need to protect reputation.

legal defense of business reputation: legally, efficiently

Gatikoiev Ilia Anzorovich is a lawyer protecting business reputation. Being a private lawyer, he has an opportunity of an individual approach to every Client and he is able to develop defense schemes for the request of a client according to all procedures, regulated by Article 152 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. According to this article, everyone, distributing false information about the company, shall submit evidence in court when the proceedings are initiated.

Theoretical and practical knowledge, vast work experience as a private lawyer allow to provide the following services:

  • detection of conditions for responsibility to occur;
  • a thorough analysis of opportunities for the Client to receive compensation for non-pecuniary damage incurred;
  • determination of compensation amounts;
  • drawing up, filing of a claim, thorough preparation, and approval of the voluntary settlement agreement draft in court;
  • participation in the trial;
  • if the Client disagrees with the court decision, – appealing that decision at appropriate levels.


by which features ilia anzorovich is distinguished among his competitors

Legal defense of business reputation, in Ilia Anzorovich’s opinion, is impossible without being aware of the legislation, work experience, studying of the Client’s corporate documents and comprehensive approach to problem-solving. With this feature, the lawyer can remediate the Client’s honest name in various, even difficult situations.

Having major assets in his hands in the form of special methods for protection of business reputation, Ilia Anzorovich will help you to remediate your impeccable reputation and to go on the development of your business. For additional consultative assistance contact us as specified in contact details.


A great deal of asset-grabbing and conflicts inside business activities lead to a criminal case initiation, generally, according to economic articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Due to this fact business suffers a lot – a probability to lose property, freedom, and the honest name is great. Thus, if it is felt that a criminal investigation is initiated against you, and protection of a lawyer is a necessity, apply to Gatikoiev Ilia Anzorovich.

glimpse of the lawyer

Gatikoiev Ilia Anzorovich is a private lawyer. Defense within criminal prosecution is maintained in favour of mediums, owners of small, medium business. The lawyer can be engaged at any stage of proceedings, however, you are encouranged to engage the specialist at the stage of investigative actions.

Directions of the lawyer’s defense include such areas as fraud, loan default or payment delay, tax underpayment and other cases. The lawyer also represents the client’s interests in “customised” criminal cases – dirty tricks of competitors, partners.

reasons for application to ilia anzorovich

  • excellent knowledge of the legislation due to impressive practical and theoretical experience;
  • experience in protection within the fight against corruption, raidership;
  • ability to develop a defense line so that to achieve the result desired by the client.

The Client’s problems shall be solved in a complex: comprehensive analysis of the organization activities is conducted before the criminal case is initiated, internal disputes are solved, raider attacks are repulsed. The lawyer has also an experience in interactions with public authorities.

With regard to all issues related to collaboration, please, contact us by phones, specified on the web-site or visit Ilia Gatikoiev’s office located at 4/17 Pokrovsky Boulevard, bldg. 3, Moscow city


What to do if you are an experienced qualified healthcare practitioner and you are accused of negligence and unprofessional performance? It is experienced lawyer Gatikoiev Ilia Anzorovich who will protect you and help to assert your innocence!

any legal issue will be solved by the competent lawyer

Healthcare practitioners may face the following problems:

  • What to do if a doctor is accused of the low-quality fulfillment of any obligations imposed on it?
  • What to do if a healthcare practitioner is accused of a refusal to execute its duty?
  • What measures shall be applied by a doctor if it is accused of incorrect prescriptions?


With regard to these and many other issues, concerning your medical rights, a lawyer, engaging in medical law, can provide consultations.

If a patient unreasonably accuses a healthcare practitioner of unprofessional performance, it calls into question its professional aptitude and career. What to do if your honest name, further life, and work are at stake? Lead the way! Applying to the lawyer, solving such disputed issues, for consultation, you will avoid the case when your reputation is exploded. For the avoidance of any judicial proceedings and conflicts between a patient and healthcare practitioner, the lawyer will provide you with full explanation, it will offer you a right decision and bailout plan.

Registration and support of
offshore companies


Few people are familiar with the fact that lawyers’ corporate ethics do not encourage self-aggrandisement; feedbacks of clients and an impeccable reputation are the best evidence of the lawyer’s competency.

I never provide any guarantees to my clients and I believe that my function is to give legal advice, based not only on the applicable legislation but on the practice of its application. I can guarantee that using all legitimate methods for the defense of your interests I will provide a high level of legal assistance.

With regard to all concerned issues, please, contact us by phones, as specified in contact details, or come to the address: 4/17 Pokrovsky Boulevard, bld. 3, Moscow city.

Батраз и Феликс Борадзовы

Адвокат Илья Гатикоев всячески помогает нам в решении разных вопросов. Делает это честно и с полной отдачей. Неоднократно, благодаря его высокой грамотности в юриспруденции, нам удавалось избежать негативных последствий

Сергей и Марина Олифир

Благодарим Илью Гатикоева за его чуткое, отзывчивое отношение и огромное внимание к проблемам в нашей семье. Усилиями адвоката Ильи Гатикоева удалось пресечь действия «черных риелторов», которые совершили незаконную сделку купли-продажи нашей квартиры.

Анатолий и Людмила Гребельские

Профессиональный и этичный подход адвоката Гатикоева И.А. повышает престиж адвокатуры, как института гражданского общества.

Группа доверителей

Хотим отметить высокую грамотность адвоката Гатикоева И.А. На протяжении всего сотрудничества с нами адвокат Гатикоев зарекомендовал себя как большой специалист и чуткий профессионал.

Митрохин Сергей Сергеевич

Региональное отделение Российской Демократической Партии «Яблоко» в городе Москве и лично Председатель РО РОДП «Яблоко» в г.Москве выражают огромную благодарность Адвокату Гатикоеву Илье Анзоровичу за активное сотрудничество и оказание юридической помощи гражданам Российской Федерации, обратившимся в РО РОДП «Яблоко» в г.Москве за помощью, на безвозмездной основе.

Тимофеев Сергей Викторович
ООО "Траст-Лифт"
Генеральный Директор

На протяжении всего времени сотрудничества с адвокатом Гатикоевым И.А. им была проявлена максимальная этичность в общении и профессионализм, присущий адвокату

Антон Акулов

Хочется отметить четкость и отлаженность процесса оказания юридической помощи Гатикоевым И. А., нестандартные подходы при разрешении моей проблемы.


Гайдар Светлана Ивановна
Генеральный Директор

Хочется подчеркнуть, что Илья Анзорович обладает обширным объемом знаний, всегда находится в курсе последних событий в своей области, обладает отличными навыками ведения деловых переговоров.

Специализированная детско-юношеская спортивная школа Олимпийского резерва тхэквондо
РСО - Алания

Неоспоримым достоинством Адвоката Гатикоева Ильи Анзоровича является высокий уровень профессионализма, умение определить правильный путь при достижении поставленных целей, а при решении сложных юридических задач – умение найти компромиссный вариант при решении проблемы.

Начальник бюро судмедэкспертизы Е. М. Кильдюшов
ГБУЗ г. Москвы "Бюро судебно-медицинской экспертизы Департамента здравоохранения города Москвы"

Неоспоримыми достоинствами Гатикоева Ильи Анзоровича являются высокий уровень профессиональных и смежных юридической области знаний, умение определить единственно правильный путь при достижении поставленных целей.



Гарантию не застраховать

Каждый автолюбитель желает знать, где автомобиль застраховать. Каждый хочет сделать это быстро, на выгодных для себя условиях и с твердой…

Сказ о том, как поссорились Георгий Михайлович с Александром Анатольевичем: хронология, как она есть

Допущение ошибки не является чем-то сверхъестественным, и боги ошибаются. Правда, непринятая вовремя ответственность подобна ящику Пандоры: не примешь мер вовремя,…


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