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Legal entities

·       Lawyer for economic crimes

Protection of the organization interests when an economic crime is investigated or protection of its management (responsible persons), accused of committing such a crime, will be most effective, in case of application for assistance to the Lawyer with an experience and good qualification. For successful representation of interests of the mentioned persons, the lawyer for economic crimes has a good experience in civil, tax, corporate, customs, criminal and criminal procedural law, has an excellent knowledge of economic processes.

·       Arbitration lawyer

At the arbitration courts the trial is formal enough, as the major role is carried out by the evidential base submitted, thus, the trained lawyer, first of all, shall make sure that written documents and other evidence, which can guarantee the successful result to be achieved, are searched.

·       Corporate disputes lawyer

Settlement of corporate disputes is a difficult area of legal practice, thus, you can expect a positive result only in one case – if you apply to an experienced lawyer. The reason for this is that relations between the conflicting parties are often more dramatic due to conflicts of interests, differences in good business practices, as well as due to a lot of other peculiarities. Thus, if there is any dispute it is recommended to apply to an experienced lawyer.

·       protection of business reputation

An impeccable business reputation is a recipe for success of any business of various scope, ranging from small and medium one and large corporations. I am sure you would agree that everyone wishes to see a reliable organization among its partners. But there are also a lot of ill-wishers, distributing discrediting information that leads to a need to protect reputation.


Small and medium business is particularly vulnerable to risks and threats as well as to inspections of supervisory bodies. The “list of risks” includes such bodies as a prosecutor’s office, fire safety authority, tax inspectorate, judicial bodies and other law-enforcement structures of the Russian Federation.

Any unscheduled visits can result in financial losses, initiated criminal case, distraint of business owners, accountants, assets and company’s accounts.

In order to avoid it, it is necessary to protect it all during inspections.


Issues related to possession and disposal of lands as well as any real estate located on them cause a lot of disputes. Registration of the owners’ proprietary rights is painful enough and time-consuming. The necessary documents are obtained under pressure or after the intervention of any third parties. The collision of interests results in a long war between the claimants, moreover, participants have to deal with public authorities, that makes the reasonable compromise search process, which is already very difficult, much more difficult.


Bankruptcy is a difficult and quite long procedure, which is implemented both during pre-trial proceedings and at trial. It includes a lot of subprocesses every of which shall be implemented under the protection of a lawyer or a defense lawyer that is better.

You should not forget that bankruptcy proceedings are often accompanied by the criminal proceedings, thus, if bankruptcy is to occur, legal services of an experienced lawyer is an urgent need.


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